Emma those shoes are hideous
Maddie Van Pelt
General information
Full name(s) Madeline Van Pelt
Nickname Maddie (by Everyone)
Maddie winky (Ursula)
Resides in Miami FL-Florida
Birth C.1999, (Age 15) her mom
School Iridium high
Occupation Witch
Family Ursula Van Pelt (Mother)
Unnamed Father (Father)
Friends Sophie Johnson (best friend)
Katie Rice (best friend)
Emma Alonso (frenemy)
Daniel Miller (good friend)
Jax Novoa (rival)
First appearance Discovery
Last appearance N/A
Portrayed by Paris Smith

Maddie's a mean panther witch, like i said panther she's the leader, she's a cheerleader followed by her bestest friend, katie rice and sophie johnson. the panthers is a group of mean and the ruler of the school .

Personality Edit

Maddie is girly and quite bossy and she's got a temper so hot, not even Kanay powers can cool it down. A 'mean' witch who is the school's most popular student


Maddie has blonde hair, hazel eye and whitish skin. In school Iridium High she wears a tie and a jacket and a skirt and a necklace also in everyday form that means ordinary, she wears designer clothes


She's the leader of the Panthers, the queen of pink smoothies, the most popular girl in school and a witch! Maddie may have put her "boyfriend stealing" feud with Emma aside now that she and Diego are an item, but their magical rivalry rages on! She's got a temper so hot, not even Kanay powers can cool it down.

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Diego Rueda (Romance)Edit

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Diego is maddie boyfriend, they started in season 2 ]

Katie Rice (BestFriend)Edit

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She's maddie best friend and she's clever

Sophie Johnson (BestFriend)Edit

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She is also maddie's best friend